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HYLA India


Welcome to the world of HYLA India, Dinesh Gill & Vinod Gill are the original Importers of the HYLA Air & Room Cleaning System in India since 2017. Beginning in a small office in Gurugram, India, they operated from a single 1,900 Sq. Ft. office, have their roots in the Technology and retail since many years, along with working with the E-Commerce & Web hosting industry and serving their customers since last 3 years working along with many reputed brands like HP, Canon, Seagate, Epson, Dell & Renault etc. Within only one year, the business had experienced such growth that they relocated to a larger office in Gurugram, India. Utilizing their ability in the industry, and with the intentions of optimizing workflow, Mr. Dinesh Gill & Vinod Gill (Importers) working along with Mr. Parmod Gill (Co- Company Director) decided to run from a new building the new home for the HYLA India Corporate office. The entire management of Hyla India has bigger plans to expand HYLA on a larger scale, and many HYLA branch offices are soon coming up in major cities in India, the new HYLA India office is in Gurgaon, which is a 2674 Sq. Ft. building in Gurugram, Sec-5, India. HYLA India not only serves the basic functions of distribution, marketing, administration and customer service, also helping his associates with training materials and education about HYLA and its vision of becoming a successful brand in coming years, by helping improve its market presence worldwide.